Austrian IAD members in 2016-2017:


The AC-IAD held its regular sessions on reporting news, covering the activities related to ICPDR (AC-President Thomas Hein), and dealing with incoming research proposals.

A main topic is preliminary work on an expert look at IAD`s historic development as the basis for related publications. Since there are not many former and present members of IAD on national level available for getting personal contact, AC-IAD started activity to have interviews with representatives able to report about the earlier phases of IAD. As a start Gertrud Haidvogl, assisted by the CR-AT Georg Janauer, consulted Mrs. Gertraud Burget, long-term assistant and secretary of Prof. Reinhard Liepolt. Seveal documents and photographic material supported the recall of detail, and served as a fundamental source for the identification of lead persons for IAD development. Considerable information for further studies was gathered in this meeting. Another contact person envisaged to consult is Dr. Thomas Tittizer, with whom eMail contact has been established. He welcomes a meeting, but it need to be in his place of retirement in Germany.

Georg Janauer, Delegate of ASI (Austrian Standards Institute) to CEN – European Standards Institute, attended the annual Meeting of European Member Organisations. Regarding IAD issues, new information is available on Sturgeon-related activities, which can be reported on, if there is interest.

The next meeting of AC-IAD, the annual General Assembly, will be held on October 3, 2017.

Georg A. Janauer, Vienna, May 2017
Country Representative Austria