IAD 42 Danube - a lifeline governed by multiple uses, pressures and a multitude of ecosystem services

02-06 July 2018 Smolenice, slovakia

Posted by Doru Banaduc - Date: 2017-11-17 08:58:26

The 42 IAD Conference will provide a forum for the presentation of long-term multidisciplinary research activities and discussions on various topics like: bio- and geo-diversity - from headwaters to marine environment - values and threats; fish-ecology as basis to ensure sustainable fishery practices; the importance of vegetation for the aquatic environment; structure and development of invertebrate communities; water quality monitoring and quality targets for local uses or river water; microbiological quality of Danube ecosystems; eco-toxicological impact of aquatic contaminants; transformations and connectivity fluxes between river structures; evolution of the Danube River basin - history, ecosystem services, restoration and conservation; floods and droughts and climate changes impact - river responses and public perception; sustainable development in the Danube River basin - strategy and policy in Danube Basin. The link to the conference site is http://conferences.ulbsibiu.ro/conf.iad/2018/index.php. For more details please contact the organizers at iadslovakia2018@gmail.com SEE YOU IN SMOLENICE!