Aquatic Biodiversity International Conference (ABIC)

Posted by Doru Banaduc - Date: 2017-04-24 07:25:36

Since 2007, the Aquatic Biodiversity International Conference (ABIC) has successfully been regularly held under the joint management of ??Lucian Blaga? University of Sibiu-Faculty of Sciences ( and the International Association for Danube Research ( After 10 years of ABIC events, we invite IAD members, and others, again to Sibiu for ABIC 2017 ( This international conference will aim to communicate recent advances in aquatic biodiversity: assessment, monitoring, conservation and management, biodiversity interrelations in aquatic habitats, aquatic biodiversity and alien species, aquatic microbial ecology, food web interrelations and aquatic productivity, wetlands biodiversity, research methods in aquatic ecology/biodiversity, ecological reconstruction and aquatic biodiversity, human impact and aquatic biodiversity, global changes. You are more than welcome!