Enquete 10. November 2015 Danube Life - Impulses for Regions

Celebration of 25 years Working Group of Danube Countries and 60 years International Association for Danube Research

Posted by Harald Kutzenberger - Date: 2015-11-15 09:59:12

The President of the Federal Council of the Austrian House of Parliament, Gottfried Kneifel invited representatives of the Danube countries, members of the Austrian Parliament, officials of govermental institutions and interested scientists and citizens to an Enquete into the conference venue of the Parliament on November 10th, 2015. Opening words by President Kneifel as well as the representatives Simon Ortner from Working Group of the Danube Countries and President Thomas Hein on behalf of IAD. ICPDR Secretary General Ivan Zavadsky gave an introduction on the work of ICPDR and especially the Danube River BAsin Management Plan and Danube Flood Risk Management Plan that have been set up as common Guidelines for the Donaube Region to tackle the huge challenges of using all opportunities of catchment management. ?rpád Berczik, Hungarian Country Representative in IAD gave a personal Statement on the role of IAD during the cold war period as Basis of international scientific cooperation. In an open discussion of experts for land use, spatial planning, landscape and water Management many aspects for future development could be analysed: Kurt Weinberger, Austrian Hail Insurance Christian Steiner, European Land and Soil Alliance, Government of Lower Austria Wilfried Hartl, Organic Farming Research Center Austria Elisabeth Wrbka, Landscape Planner Gottlieb Soriat, DV-Donau, Citizens´Initiative for sustainble flood protection An mobile exhibition for Schools and municipalities including a brochure have been presented to the public during the Event. Musical contributions were given by the Bulgarian musicians Konstantin and Alexander Wladigeroff and Magdalena and Dimitar Karamitev. The program was concluded by culinaric Danube specialities from the agricultural School of Ottenschlag and Hungarian Pogac from Budapest. So we are staisfied to look back to a Danubian afternoon of understanding and common will to take the responsibility of Long term implementation on local Level.