IAD40 The Danube and Black Sea Region – Unique Environment and Human Well Being Under Conditions of Global Changes

17-20 June 2014 SOFIA, BULGARIA

Posted by Harald Kutzenberger - Date: 2013-07-01 13:03:48

The 40th Anniversary IAD Conference will provide a forum for the presentation of long-term multidisciplinary research activities and discussions on various topics highlighting the application of ecosystem and sustainable development approaches, which are essential in order to strike a balance between the economic development and protection of the unique environment in the Danube River Basin. Scientific Topics 1. Biodiversity ?? freshwater, riparian and floodplain flora and fauna, conservation, soil diversity and protection 2. Protection and rehabilitation of Danube sturgeons 3. Ecosystem services, wetlands, sustainable use of biological resources 4. Climate change, habitat change, hydromorphology 5. Invasive alien species ?? early warning, priority species and pathways, risk assessment and management 6. Water quality elements, ecological status, emerging pollutants, microbiology, ecotoxicology, biomonitoring and saprobic systems 7. Ecological functions and integrated basin management of lotic and lentic ecosystems 8. Riparian landscapes, landuse, flood risk assessment, hydrological modelling and restoration 9. Sustainable development and public participation in the Danube and Black Sea region. Deadlines Early registration 15 November, 2013 Final registration 31 March, 2014 Early payment 15 January, 2014 Late payment 31 March, 2014 Short abstract submission 15 November, 2013 Extended Abstract submission 15 January, 2014 Reviewing of Extended Abstracts 28 February, 2014 Revised extended abstract submission 31 March, 2014 Registration The registration form can be downloaded from the conference website www.iad40.org. Please, send your filled form to: iad40org@iber.bas.bg Abstract Submission Short and extended abstracts prepared according to the instructions for publishing (available at www.iad40.org) should be sent to: iad40ms@iber.bas.bg.