First Annual Meeting of EUSDR in Regensburg

IAD delegation takes part in the implementation of the Danube Strategy

Posted by Harald Kutzenberger - Date: 2012-12-23 08:52:00

The aims are well balanced and the ambitions are strong. But all actors are aware that the implementation of the EU macro-regional strategy for the Danube region is a long termed and continuous process. The first annual meeting in Regensburg on 27 and 28 November 2012 was a forum to keep the process moving. IAD was represented with a strong delegation of several countries. GS Harald Kutzenberger, the Hungarian country representative Prof. Arpád Berczik, Dr. Mária Dinka, Dr. Gábor Gúti, the leader of the Sturgeon Task Force group Dr. Cristina Sandu from Romanian Academy of Sciences and several more took acitvely part to form a network of common interests in the Danube region.