39 IAD conference Szentendre

Erhard Busek and Hungarian ministers at IAD Conference

Posted by Harald Kutzenberger - Date: 2012-08-30 17:14:47

The 39th IAD conference "Living Danube" brought the opportunity of scientific exchange for more than hundred participants and high level political discussion concerning development in frame of the EUSDR. Feast speaker Erhard Busek highlighted the impoertance of cooperation along Danube. Hungarian Minister of State for National Development János Fónagy, Prof. József Pálinkás, the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Peter Kóvacs, Hungarian State Secretary for Water Issues reflected the perspectives for future development. IAD President Prof. Thomas Hein reminded on the importance of Sturgeon Protection. The key note speech of Radu Suciu made it very clear that the IAD initiative within the Sturgeon Task Force is of high relevance for the survival of these Danubian lighthouse species.