Natural banks still characterize many parts of the Danube

IAD observes the implementation of the joint statement on environment and navigation

Scientific standards in Environmental Impact Assessments for projects on the improvement of navigation on the Danube

Posted by Harald Kutzenberger - Date: 2008-12-18 09:56:55

Economic development includes navigation as a sustainable way of transport. The needs of improvement along the Danube can be summarized in the two parameters of 2,5 m depth and 180 m width of the fairway. The ecological preconditions still need to be defined to guarantee that on one hand the European standards and legislations are fulfilled, but even more important to avoid dramatic consequences on biodiversity and climate. In this frame IAD delegations consequently take part in the ICPDR expert group on the joint statement on environment and navigation, and the workshops and negociations concerning implementation projects to improve bottlenecks of navigation, eg the ISPA 1 and 2 projects in Romania and Bulgaria.